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Name: David McMahon

 Age: 43

 Profession: Engineer

 Education: Studied engineering in UCD, ERASMUS year as part of studies in the Hague, Netherlands

 Family: David has two children. Joni and Leonie and is married to Mary, a professor of Greek and Roman Mythology in UCC.

 Hobbies: David loves playing tennis at weekends, watching rugby with his friends and is an avid reader. He likes traveling with his family.

 Personality: David is an enthusiastic, kindhearted and occasionally bossy man.

How will they use your translation? : David has planned a trip to the Basque Country next Summer with all his family and wants to learn about the origin of Basque myths and legends to plan a tour as a surprise for his wife who loves all mythology, but doesn’t know much about the Basque tales. David however only speaks English and  leaving Cert level Irish so will need a translated pamphlet in English on Lamiak.

With this user profile in mind, I aimed to translate the text in a way that would remain faithful to the original text while also being comprehensible and ‘natural’ to an Irish reader. 

Because the Source text had a very different target audience I have to deal not only with the inter-lingual differences between the texts, but also with the assumptions made by the original author of the prior knowledge that the source texts’s users would have. David and his family are not familiar with the Basque Country. He has only ever been to a rugby match in Bilbao and doesn’t know much else about the region.  

The original author mentions place names throughout the text,  assuming that her audience knows where she is talking about. There is no further context given. To adapt this to our user profile, changes will have to be made. 

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